Find out more here17 family friendly museums in and near

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high quality hermes birkin replica HomeWhat’s OnFamily KidsThings To Do In Birmingham10 free things to do in Birmingham city centre on a Saturday afternoonYou can visit great places like Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Thinktank Science Garden, hermes replica ebay Ikon Gallery and BBC Public Space for freeChamberlain Square, Birmingham, B3 3DHIt’s completely free to enter this magnificent building. You walk up a twisting marble staircase leading into the stunning Round Room full of paintings and sculptures.For kids there’s a Mini Museum, with activities aimed especially for under fives.If you’re taking a pushchair or replica hermes watch wheelchair, use the lift at the Gas Hall entrance on Edmund Street. There’s a pushchair storage locker on the third floor if you don’t want to take your buggy round with you plus a tea room, hermes birkin leather replica baby changing and a picnic area too.Look out for free events, particularly during school holidays.Find out more here17 family friendly museums in and near BirminghamCurzon Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B4 7APThis 6.75 acre urban park sits right in Birmingham city centre and has been awarded Green Flag status.Opened in 2012, the park has over 14,000 square metres of landscaped green space, hundreds of trees, a large canal water feature and a public square with jet fountains.There’s also a toddlers’ playground and a picnic area too.Unfortunately there are no public toilets but you can use the toilets at nearby Millennium Point.Find out more here36 of the best parks in BirminghamBirmingham Science Museum, Millennium Point, Birmingham, B4 7APThinkTank Science Garden hermes diamond belt replica sits on the edge of Eastside City Park.You do have to pay to get into ThinkTank but the museum opens its Science Garden free to guests from go to the website 3pm every day. high quality hermes birkin replica

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